What does a brand manual look like?

This is how we structure a typical brand manual

Section 1

Welcome and Why This Matters

What‘s Inside: A friendly hello and an explanation of why this guide is important for anyone talking about or representing the brand.


Section 2

Quick Brand Facts

Mission Statement: What we aim to achieve.

Vision Statement: Where we see ourselves in the future.

Core Values: What we believe in.

Brand Personality: The style or ‚character‘ our brand aims to project.

Target Audience: Who we‘re trying to reach.


Section 3

Look and Feel

Logo: Guidelines on where and how to use our special symbol.

Variations: Different forms of the logo for different situations.

Spacing and Sizing: How much room to give the logo.

Color Palette: Which colors are okay and how to use them.

Typography: The styles of text to use.

Imagery: What kinds of photos and illustrations fit.

Iconography: Small symbols you‘ll see in our app or materials.


Section 4

Speaking Style

Voice and Tone: How we sound when we talk or write.

Writing Style: How we format and arrange our words.

Vocabulary: The kinds of words we use (and don’t use).

Taglines and Slogans: Catchy phrases that help people remember us.


Section 5

Practical Use Cases

Website Guidelines: How our website should look and behave.

Mobile App Interface: What our app should look like on your phone.

Social Media: How we present ourselves on platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Email Communication: How emails from us should look.

Marketing Materials: The design rules for stuff like brochures and ads.


Section 6

Legal Stuff

Copyright Information: Rules about who owns what.

Trademark Usage: How to use registered names and symbols.

Disclaimers: Legal notices to protect us.


Section 7

Extras and Tools

Resources and Assets: Where to find logos, photos, and other stuff you can use.

Glossary: Definitions for jargon or buzzwords.

Contact Information: Who to talk to if you have questions.


Section 8


Summary: A quick refresher on the key points.

Acknowledgments: Shoutouts to the people who helped make the guide.